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About Us

Top Gun Flight Consultants is a 15-year-old company, founded by Captain Ray Brown, that provides personal help in the following areas: learning to fly, personal instruction in your aircraft, and aircraft aquisition and leasing. We answer all your questions so that you start out with the right information. We are experts in flight training and aircraft acquisition and will guide you through all areas of the process so you can enjoy flying the skies, worry-free.

The mission of Top Gun Flight Consultants is to educate and demonstrate how flying a rented or personally owned aircraft can change the dynamics of personal travel forever. We seek to promote the excitement of flight and the opportunity for discovery. Top Gun Flight Consultants are dedicated to sharing their passion for aviation, and do so through working wisely, creatively, effectively and professionally in a positive and supportive environment for the clients it serves. airplane

Who is Captain Ray Brown?

Time flies and so does Captain Ray Brown. Captain Brown was the "National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year" for 2005 and 2011 from the Cleveland Flight Standards District Office. A seven-time Master Certified Flight, Gold Seal Instructor, and FAA Safety Team Representative, he is one of few pilots in the country to hold the Airline Transport Pilot rating in both single and multi-engine land aircraft. Captain Brown was awarded the FAA's highest pilot award, with his name in the Aviation Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C. for over 50 years of accident and incident-free flying.

Prior to starting Top Gun Flight Consultants, Ray was Chief Pilot & President of Top Gun Flight Training, the chief flight instructor for
Cleveland AirSports
and Cleveland
Flight Training.
Captain Brown
was also awarded
the 2001 National
Flight Specialist of
the year from the
National Association
of Flight Instructors. In addition to flight instructing, Ray is a former president of the prestigous Cleveland National Air Show and sits on the board. Ray is a member of AOPA, the Northern Ohio Business Aircraft Association and, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE).

At the time of this writing he has logged over 33,000 hours of flight time and over 14,000 hours of dual instruction given. This instruction has been given in aircraft as simple as the Piper Archer III, and as complex as the Pilatus PC12/45, TBM 700, Martin 404, Douglas DC-9, U.S. Navy SNJ and, U.S. Air Force T-6.

Not all of his flying has been instructional in nature. Ray flew as Captain in the KC-97 for the United States Air Force, the Martin 404 and the DC9 Jet for Southern Airways (now Delta Airlines) and numerous airliners for Wright Airlines, Air Commuter and, Midwest Airlines.

When not flying, he can be found riding his motorcycle, working out or on the roller skating rink where he is a five-time US National Champion and also a competitive skating judge.

At the end of the day though aviation is not only Ray's vocation it is his avocation as well. He has flown and instructed in more aircraft than anyone can count. He started flying at 10 years old. His passion for flying came from his father who had a love and desire to fly but never had the chance until he was 60 years old.

At the end of the day aviation is not only Ray's vocation it is his avocation as well. He started flying at 10 years old and has flown and instructed in more aircraft than anyone can count.

Ray had the opportunity to train his father and his dad received his pilots license at age 62. Aviation has and always will be the consuming passion in Ray's life. Captain Brown can be seen speaking and presenting at aviation events in Cleveland Ohio and Orlando Florida.

Ray has been rewarded by seeing that students he has trained have become airline captains, military, and corporate pilots. He has seen many of his students, both men and women, purchase their own aircraft and fly for both business and pleasure. Above all, the most important aspect of those he has trained is that each and every one of them have become personal life-long friends. You too can learn from Ray's passion for flying through his consulting services and downloads available on this website. airplane

Flight Instructor of the Year
FAA Cleveland - CFI 2005, CFI 2011

Seven-time Master Certified Flight Instructor, Gold Seal Instructor

Master Flight Instructor Emeritus

Recipient of the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

Airline Transport Pilot Rating
Single and Multi-engine Land Aircraft


Air Force Association
Life Member



Northern Ohio Business Aircraft Association

Cleveland National Air Show

Testimonial of Ray's Teaching and Aviation Experience.